A Resource for New Jersey Nurses: The RAMP Program

A Resource for New Jersey Nurses: The RAMP Program

Nurses are not immune to the dangers of alcohol and substance abuse threatening everyone in their daily lives.  In fact, nurses may be especially vulnerable by virtue of the accessibility they have to prescription medications.

The Recovery and Monitoring Program was established in 2003 largely through the effort of  the NJ State Nurses Association.  It is envisioned to be an alternative to discipline.  It is a voluntary, confidential program, which works with the Board of Nursing, employers and nurses to ensure public safety, safe practice and health.

When a nurse is facing loss or suspension of a license by virtue of conduct influenced by an addiction, the nurse may turn to RAMP for help.   First and foremost, RAMP will work with the nurse to secure treatment for the addiction, and closely monitoring recovery.

Ramp will work with your employer, and advocate for the retention of employment under appropriate circumstances.  Employers contacted by RAMP are more likely to retain the employed nurse than retain a nurse who does not seek the help RAMP offers.  In appropriate circumstances, the nurse’s access to medicines can be modified, so that the nurse can continue to provide services, but avoid the temptations caused by accessibility.

If your license is at risk, RAMP will work with your Attorney to help reach terms regarding the suspension of your license, which are acceptable to you.  For example, it may be possible to suspend your nursing license, but have it reinstated after you have completed RAMP program benchmarks.  Romanowsky Law can help you in your negotiations with Board of Nursing.

RAMP is a valuable resource for Nurses facing alcohol or drug addiction.  The Board of Nursing and Employers both look favorably upon Nurses who take responsibility for their conduct, acknowledge they have a problem and take action.  For these reasons, RAMP may be crucial to saving your career as a nurse.

As the director of Ramp recently told me, “These are excellent people.  They have an issue like anyone else, and they’re not the first, nor will they be the last Nurse to confront them.  We’re here to help.”

If you think RAMP can help you, contact them at: 609 883 5335 x 24, or email peerassistance@njsna.org.  Because preserving your license is at stake, call Romanowsky Law now.  973 451 1116.