Health Care Law

Healthcare is both broad and unique.

Romanowsky Law represents health care providers confronting a broad range of issues which are unique to them.  Nobody understands more than health care professionals themselves, the myriad and complicated rules and regulations to which they are subject.   Prudent professionals of all disciplines turn to Romanowsky law to help them navigate through the danger fields these rules and regulations represent.

Brian has assisted physicians with employment agreements, mergers and acquisitions, commercial litigation, licensing boards, and other administrative agencies.  He understands that your case requires the highest level of discretion, and he takes steps to assure the protection of his client’s privacy.  He has partnered with criminal defense counsel when necessary, and often teams with other prominent counsel in other jurisdictions where necessary.

Romanowsky Law is different than most firms, because Brian Romanowsky will handle your case from beginning to end.  Your case won’t be given to a younger, less experienced associate.  When you call Brian, you will be able to speak to him, regardless of the day or night.  In short, your case will receive the personal care and attention it deserves.

Romanowsky Law can provide you with expertise in the following areas:

  • Fraud and Abuse:  Allegations of Fraud and Abuse, whether true or not, can ruin the career of a health care professional.  In all likelihood, the person making the allegation is vested with significant authority to penalize you, or end your career.  [Learn More]
  • Nurse and Physician Licensing Defense:  Your License is your livelihood.  It may be at risk because a peer has a vendetta against you, or you missed a CME course you were scheduled to complete.  There are many reasons why your livelihood may be at risk.  Contact Romanowsky Law to help you understand the risks, and what you can do to mitigate them.  [Learn More]
  • Non-Compete Agreements:  Many professionals are asked to sign “non-compete” agreements.  There is a vast body of law which governs how and when such agreements are enforceable.  But when it comes to health care professionals, those criteria are different than most given the public interest which is at stake.  [Learn More]
  • Employment Contracts:  Who is responsible for billing?  Who is responsible if billing is done improperly? Who has access to patient records?  How will you be compensated and when?  How may you extricate yourself from a contract if it is not what you expected?  These and many other considerations go into the formation of an employment contract.  [Learn More]
  • Other Healthcare Practioners: Whether you are a dentist, a psychiatrist, a massage therapist, a pharmacist or chiropractor, you are subject to may of the same complicated rules and regulations as other health care professionals.  Romanowsky Law has the experience to help you.  [Learn More]

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